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Medical Transcription and Scribe Professional Training Course [ ENGLISH ]

45 Hours of Video & Audio Content

85 Lessons

Transform your career with our comprehensive Medical Transcription and Scribe Course. Gain essential skills in medical terminology, transcription techniques, and scribing practices. This course is designed for those looking for remote (home-based) or in-house professional medical transcription job.


Memory Master Professional Training Course [ English ]

5 Hours of Video Content

21 Lessons

Join 200,000+ students in the bestselling online MEMORY MASTER training exclusively by Dr. Viruti Shivan using the Original Akshay Chakra Method. Whether you’re a student aiming for top grades, a professional keen on standing out, or just someone eager to boost daily memory recall, this course is your gateway.

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Memory Master Professional Training Course [ Hindi ]

4 Hours of Video Content

13 Lessons

200,000+ vidyarthiyon ko join kariye bestselling online MEMORY MASTER training mein jo Dr. Viruti Shivan dwara exclusively di ja rahi hai using Original Akshay Chakra Method. Chahe aap ek vidyarthi hain jo top grades ke liye try kar rahe hain, ek professional jo sabse alag dikhna chahte hain, ya bas koi jo daily memory recall ko badhana chahta hai, yeh course aapke liye ek awsar hai.

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"Courses so Unique, You'll Be Amazed"

Discover courses so unique, they’ll leave you in awe. Our lessons go beyond the ordinary, offering fresh, innovative content that will spark your curiosity and creativity. Get ready to be amazed by what you can achieve.

"Courses that Bring About Life Change"

Our courses are designed to change your life. Learn skills that boost your career and enrich your personal growth. These aren’t just lessons; they’re opportunities to transform and reach your full potential.

"Courses that Make You Real Earnings"

Learn skills that lead to real earnings. Our courses focus on practical, actionable knowledge that can directly increase your income. Consider this the start of your journey towards financial success and freedom.


Day and night, we thrive to make the life of our students better than the best.

Dr. Viruti Shivan

(Ph.D. in Psychology)

Dr. Shivan is a remarkably talented individual, known for his impressive memory and exceptional teaching skills. His always-smiling nature, patience, and keen eye for detail make his talks captivating and his teaching unforgettable. Dr. Shivan's dedication and hard work have earned him first ranks in academics and excellence in diverse fields, including Psychology, Medical Transcription, Astrology, Screenwriting, Share Market, Acupressure, Google Certifications, Web Programming, Reiki, Accounting, Novels, etc. Once you meet him, he becomes a lifelong friend and mentor.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the courses live or pre-recorded videos?

All our courses feature pre-recorded video lessons by Dr. Viruti Shivan to ensure a smooth and glitch-free experience, unless specified otherwise.

How will I get access to the course videos?

Accessing your course is simple. Once payment is made, it will be instantly available in your account. Watch the videos as easily as you do on YouTube. You'll also receive confirmation via email and WhatsApp.

Is it necessary to join from a laptop, or can I also join through a phone?

You can join and view courses on any device. For the best experience, download our app. For security reasons, the videos cannot be downloaded.

Which languages are the courses taught in?

Our courses are primarily in English, with some available in Hindi. Check the respective course pages for language options.

Will I get a certificate, as proof of my learning?

Absolutely! You'll automatically receive a certificate via email upon completing the course. No tests required.

Can I re-watch the lesson videos after completing the course?

Yes! Enjoy lifetime unlimited access to the course with free updates. Watch anytime, as many times as you want.

Are there any books available to read and learn?

You can purchase digital books by visiting our E-BOOKS menu. Additionally, you will find links to purchase physical books from Amazon.

Do you offer offline workshops or events?

Currently, our focus is on online courses. If you represent a school, corporate, or any group, you can email learn@koibhi.com with your proposal.

Can I pay in installments?

If you are using a credit card, you may have the option to choose EMIs at the checkout page.

Can I get a discount?

Check our COUPONS page for discount codes. For group applications or special cases like schools and corporates, email us at learn@koibhi.com.

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