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Memory Power Mastery – The Unforgettable Masterclass

Join 200,000+ students in the bestselling online MEMORY MASTERY training exclusively by Viruti Shivan using the Original Copyrighted Akshay Chakra Method. Whether you’re a student aiming for top grades, a professional keen on standing out, or just someone eager to boost daily memory recall, this course is your gateway. Master the art of effortlessly memorizing […]

72,599 students enrolled

Join 200,000+ students in the bestselling online MEMORY MASTERY training exclusively by Viruti Shivan using the Original Copyrighted Akshay Chakra Method. Whether you’re a student aiming for top grades, a professional keen on standing out, or just someone eager to boost daily memory recall, this course is your gateway. Master the art of effortlessly memorizing vast amounts of information and stand out in every arena of life.


21 Engaging Video Lessons


Memorizing Words, Numbers, Paragraphs, etc.


Simple English


4 Hours of Video Content

What is this course?

This course is a thorough guide on Memory Mastery using the original copyrighted Akshay Chakra Method exclusively by Viruti Shivan.

What will I learn?

You’ll understand the ultimate method to memorize any information effortlessly and retain it for a long duration. You’ll be taught the secrets behind becoming a memory expert.

How will this course benefit me?

After completing this course, you’ll possess extraordinary memory skills. This can aid in academic success, professional excellence, and daily life. Boosting your memory can also enhance confidence, making public speaking and knowledge retention easier.

What's Included?

Comprehensive Modules

Dive into the secrets of Memory Mastery with detailed modules, curated by Viruti Shivan.

Hands-on Practice

Engage with exercises that challenge and enhance your memory, ensuring practical application of the method.

Original Copyrighted Method

Master the unique approach developed and copyrighted by Viruti Shivan, ensuring authentic and effective learning.

Expert-led Sessions

Benefit from sessions led by Viruti Shivan, a memory expert with vast experience and expertise.

24/7 Access

Access the course materials anytime, from any device. Our platform ensures you can learn at your own pace, whenever it suits you.

Course Curriculum

▶️ 🎥 Introduction

▶️ 🎥 First Positive Habit

▶️ 🎥 Parts of Training

▶️ 🎥 What is Meditation-

▶️ 🎥 Pre Requisites to Meditation

▶️ 🎥 Starting Meditation

▶️ 🎥 Memory Meditation

▶️ 🎥 Results After Meditation

▶️ 🎥 Instant Memory Method Intro

▶️ 🎥 SMART Memory Method Part 1

▶️ 🎥 SMART Memory Method Part 2

▶️ 🎥 SMART Memory Method Part 3

▶️ 🎥 Long Term Memory Method Lifestyle Changes

▶️ 🎥 Intro Memorizing Numbers

▶️ 🎥 Memorizing Numbers

▶️ 🎥 Intro Memorizing Paragraphs & Long Answers

▶️ 🎥 Memorizing Paragraphs & Long Answers

▶️ 🎥 Intro Memorizing Calendar

▶️ 🎥 Intro Memorizing Calendar

▶️ 🎥 Intro Akshay Chakra

▶️ 🎥 Akshay Chakra


Benefits You Will Gain

by taking this course

Achieve an Extraordinary
Memory Capacity

Learn from the
Original Copyrighted Method

Master Techniques to
Remember Anything and Everything

Boost Your Confidence
and Impress Everyone

Unlock Opportunities
in Various Professional Fields

Elevate Your
Personal and Professional Status

What are the 7 Skills I will learn?

Skill 1 – Memory Mastery

Master the method to recall vast amounts of information swiftly.

Skill 2 – Focus

Enhance your concentration to process and retain details effectively.

Skill 3 – Recalling Power

Sharpen your ability to retrieve information from your memory effortlessly.

Skill 4 - Awards and Recognition

Learn how to leverage your enhanced memory skills to earn accolades.

Skill 5 – Amaze Everybody

Surprise friends, family, and peers with your extraordinary memory capabilities.

Skill 6 – Center of Attraction

Become the standout individual in gatherings due to your remarkable memory.

Skill 7 – Surprise!

Enroll in the course to uncover this vital transcription skill!

People are saying

200,000+ people have already completed the Memory Top-Secret Method Course by Akshay Chakra.
Highlighted reviews

Arjun Nair (16, Chennai)


As a schoolboy, I always struggled with remembering lessons. After the Memory Mastery course, not only have I secured the first rank in my class, but my confidence has soared too!

Sakeena Gonda (19, Hyderabad)


Preparing for NEET was daunting. But with the Memory Mastery techniques, I excelled beyond my expectations. It’s not just a course; it’s a secret weapon for exams!

Vikram Khurana (26, Lucknow)


As a UPSC aspirant, the vast syllabus felt overwhelming. But post this course, I could recall chapters and more with ease. I owe a huge part of my success to Shivan sir!

Meera Bhatia (38, Mumbai)


Helping my kids with their studies was always a challenge due to my forgetfulness. But now, post the Memory Mastery course, not only can I help them, but I also serve as their memory guide. It’s been an incredible transformation!

Dinesh Agarwal (68, Kolkata)


Retirement brought me some forgetful moments, but the Memory Mastery course changed that. Today, I am the talk of our community meetings, as I recall everything like a young man. It’s truly heartening to amaze everyone!

Who is this for?

For Students Aiming High

Dreaming of achieving the top rank in your class or college? Memory Mastery method can be the game-changer, helping you memorize vast syllabuses with ease and confidence.

For Aspirants of Competitive Exams

Preparing for challenging entrance exams like NEET, JEE, or UPSC? Amplify your recall ability, master subjects faster, and get an edge over others with this proven memory method.

For Homemakers Supporting Their Kids

Want to help your children excel in studies and other activities? Equip yourself with the Memory Mastery method and become their personal memory coach, ensuring their success.

For Senior Citizens Seeking Mental Sharpness

Want to keep your memory sharp and impress friends and family at gatherings? Dive deep into Memory Mastery, rejuvenate your recall ability, and become the center of attraction at social events.

For Youth Seeking Personal Excellence

Want to outshine peers, remember facts instantly, or be recognized as the genius in your group? The Memory Mastery course can make this a reality, elevating your personal and academic achievements.

For Career Oriented Professionals

Feeling stuck in your current job? Transcription can be a fresh start. This course provides a thorough understanding, setting the foundation for a new, flexible, and rewarding career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The core modules of the Memory Mastery course feature lessons directly from Viruti Shivan.

Yes, you can see the explainer video on the description of this course, giving a glimpse into what the Memory Mastery course entails. Full course access is granted upon registration and payment.

Anyone eager to improve their memory and cognitive skills can enroll. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a curious learner, this course is structured to benefit everyone.

Certainly! If you’ve ever wished to enhance your memory, recall things faster, or even impress your peers with your cognitive skills, then this course is for you.

While the primary course is digital, we occasionally host workshops and seminars for hands-on practice and deeper insights. These can be booked by contact us via hello@koibhi.com.

Absolutely. The techniques taught are universal, and our certificate is respected worldwide.

Yes, after successfully completing all modules, you’ll be awarded a digital certificate in Memory Mastery.

While there isn’t a global governing body for memory training, our diploma is acknowledged by various educational and professional institutions due to the reputation of Viruti Shivan.

The entire course is conducted in easy-to-understand English.

Yes, we often have promotional codes. Follow our social media profiles or get in touch with our support at hello@koibhi.com to stay updated.

Our Memory Mastery course is designed for self-paced learning, allowing you to progress as per your convenience.

The course is pre-recorded for self-paced learning, so no live sessions are included.

Just a device with internet connectivity, be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer, is all you need to embark on this memory-enhancing journey.

Currently, our primary focus is on the online course. However, offline workshops or seminars might be introduced in the future, based on demand.

No worries! While we recommend a structured approach, you have lifetime access to the course material to go through it at your own pace.

Definitely. Once you’re enrolled, you retain lifetime access to all the course content, ensuring continued growth in memory skills.

Indeed. For group enrollments or corporate training sessions, special rates are provided. Kindly reach out to our support team for more details.

We offer multiple payment options, including UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking, and EMI for Indian participants, and PayPal for international participants. For issues, contact hello@koibhi.com.

Our dedicated team is always available to guide you, address queries, or assist with any challenges you might face during the course.

For any more queries or personal conversations, email us at hello@koibhi.com, and we’ll respond or call you as necessary.

Unlock the Secrets of Memory Mastery & Transform Your Life

Step into a world where recalling information becomes effortless, impressing peers with your memory skills is the norm, and opportunities for personal and professional growth are boundless. Don't let this chance to revolutionize your cognitive abilities slip by.

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Memory Power Mastery – The Unforgettable Masterclass
5 out of 5
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